5 Easy Ways We Spend Less at Restaurants

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It’s so fun to go out to eat!  You don’t have to wash any dishes, someone does all of the cooking for you, you don’t have to wash any dishes, the food is delicious, and did I mention you don’t have to wash any dishes??!?!?!

The only negative is that restaurants are expensive!  Going out to eat regularly can take a huge toll on your budget.  Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can do to spend less at restaurants!


5 Ways to Spend Less at Restaurants

1.  Eat Out For Lunch

Consider going to restaurants for lunch rather than dinner.  The lunch menu is usually cheaper than the dinner menu.

Lunch time is also perfect for ordering a smaller meal, such as a sandwich or a salad. This is a great way to enjoy the great food (and less dishes!), without having to spend full price.

2.  Skip The Extras

There are so many fun extras at restaurants!  It can be easy to get carried away once you sit down and start ordering.

Always order water instead of ordering a drink (I always request a lemon in my water so I feel like I’m getting something slightly fancy!  😉 ). Skip the appetizer and dessert as well.  They are both very over priced.  Instead, consider stopping for a cheap treat on your way home; or better yet eat something sweet once you get home!

3.  Shop the Deals

Become familiar with your local restaurant deals. A lot of restaurants will have kids eat free nights or special family deals.  Our favorite Italian restaurant offers buy one entree get one free during a certain day of the week.  Find out the deals in your neighborhood and plan your outings around those days.

Be sure to check Restaurant.com regularly.   They offer gift cards to many different restaurants, at the fraction of the cost!  Make a goal to buy a discounted gift card before you ever go out to eat.

4.  Split the Meal

Only eat half of your entree and take the rest home for another meal. This way you get two meals for one price.

Or, you could split the entree with a spouse or friend.  Most restaurants will be more than happy to serve you one meal with two plates.

5.  Turn an Appetizer into a Meal

Consider ordering an appetizer instead of an entree.  Appetizers are usually much cheaper than entrees and still provide a large amount of food.  Look for a restaurant with a trio appetizer for a well rounded meal.

Eating out is a fun way to take a break and enjoy a good meal.  This can be done while on a tight budget, it just takes a little self control and some planning.

What are some of your fave tips for eating at a restaurant while on a budget???? Share below in the comments, I always need fresh ideas!⠀


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