How to Make Easy Nature Bookmarks

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I just spent a wonderful week with my sister in the mountains.  We took walks, watched movies, played games, and enjoyed getting out of our daily routines.  There is really nothing I love more than a quiet week away.

My sister planned such a fun simple nature craft for the kids to do.  I loved it so much and felt like it would be perfect for camping, a home school nature study, or summer craft.


Easy Nature Bookmark Tutorial Craft

First, you will need to collect flowers, leaves, and any other thing that catches your eye.  this made for a really fun nature walk.


Once you gather your flowers you will need to press them.  We laid our flowers on a paper towel and put books on top to help press them.  Keep the flowers under the books for at least 24 hours.  We didn’t do the full 24 hours, and the flowers didn’t dry out enough, so be patient and don’t skip this part!!

After your leaves and flowers are dried it’s time to start designing your bookmark, the fun part!  My sister used Self Laminating Pouches to give the bookmarks a nice strong seal.

Lay your flowers down on the non sticky part of the pouch.  The kids loved spending time getting their bookmarks to look just right!  We were able to get 2 bookmarks out of one pouch.


Once you have your flowers laid exactly how you want them, put the sticky part of the pouch on top.  This part was tricky!  It is hard to redo any mistakes, so you will want to take your time and be exact.  We gave our kids a lot of guidance with this.

Slowly peel off the backing as you gently place the sticky side on top of the flowers.  Be sure to press and seal as you are peeling it off.

After you are done laminating and sealing, cut the bookmark to your ideal shape, punch a hole through the top and thread ribbon through the hole.

The kids have proudly been using their bookmarks and I honestly can’t wait to try the craft again!  It was a fun way to get outside and preserve the beauty in nature.






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