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How to save money when you shop at Walmart

I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Walmart.  Sure, I’ve shopped their regularly like all the rest of Americans, but it wasn’t ever my favorite go-to shopping place.  That is until I discovered TWO fabulous money saving tricks to Walmart shopping.


1.  The first money saving trick I have found at Walmart is to use Savings Catcher. It is such a simple and easy way to earn a little extra cash (we could all use a little extra cash, right?!?!).  Just shop using your normal shopping list buying the items you need to buy for that day. After you are done shopping scan your receipt into the savings catcher app. Walmart will automatically search competitors ads. If they find any lower prices then the items you bought they will refund you the difference onto a gift card. It is so easy and hardly takes any extra time at all. All you need is the Walmart app on your phone. You can find the savings catcher in the services section.


It is so so very easy.

2.  The second great way to save money at Walmart is through the grocery pickup program. I am obsessed with this program. Seriously. I had pretty low expectations before I started but they far exceeded my expectations.   When I order my groceries through the pick up program I stay in my grocery budget so much easier. If I notice my cart total go over my weekly grocery budget amount I simply edit my cart some more and delete a few items to stay in the budget.  It has also helped me to not impulse shop!  Ever since I have started using Walmart grocery pickup I have been able to stay in budget every single week. Hooray!!!  The best part about this service is it is completely FREE!!!!  And I have been told they are not allowed to accept tips, even though I think they totally deserve them. When you go to pick up your groceries you park in the designated parking spot, let them know through the app that you are there. Then the nicest employees bring out your groceries, load them into your car and wishes you are wonderful day. I love it!!!  If you want to give it a try Walmart will give you $10 off your first pickup if you sign up through my link. —->

Enjoy $10 off your first order from Walmart Grocery.

Walmart Grocery Pickup has surprised me a few times with with goody bags full of samples and last week they handed me two coupons for my next two purchases.  It’s so great!


There you have it, the two reasons why I have turned into a devoted Walmart shopper. Happy Frugal shopping friends!!!!


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