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About Me!

I’m Melanie!  I’m living my dream life as a Stay at Home Mom to three kids.  I have two daughters (ages 13 and 10) and one son (age 6).  They are my world!  When I’m not driving my kids everywhere they need to go, or working on my blog you will find me reading a book, baking in the kitchen, or working on a DIY project.

I have always said I was born in the wrong century.  I love the simple pleasures in life.  A perfect day for me would consist of working in the garden alongside my husband while my kids play happily in the yard; my chickens would be clucking by my side, and my dog would be “helping” us dig in the dirt.  The feeling of providing for ourselves brings me a lot of joy and I secretly think I would have loved the Little House on the Prairie life (minus the plumbing, I do love indoor plumbing 😉 )

Why Sweet Frugal Life?

I have always lived somewhat frugally, but I didn’t become passionate about it until a few years ago when my husband unexpectedly lost his job.  The constant panic I felt every single day of unemployment set a fire inside of me; a fire that I vowed to never let die.

Out of necessity I learned how to live on MUCH less than we ever thought possible.  Now, I live that way out of choice.  I see great value in saving more and spending less.  I have found that a FRUGAL life can still very much be a SWEET life.  And, I want to share that life with YOU!

Where do I begin?

If you are brand new to this (sometimes confusing) frugal life and you’re not sure how to start, check out my article;  Budgeting for Beginners: FAQ.

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