10 Free Ways to Honor Your Dad

10 Ways to Show Dad You Care, Without Spending a Dime

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Do you ever want to gift your Dad something extra special…..but constantly draw a blank???   This is how I feel every.single.holiday.

I am constantly racking my brain for that perfect “knock your socks off” gift…..but, I am also on a tight budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money on this gift. This makes it so difficult!

You know what I have learned though???  My dad doesn’t want me to spend a lot of money on him!  Sure, he wants to be loved and appreciated, but that doesn’t come with a price tag.  It comes through loving actions and careful thought.

Show Dad You Care Without Spending a Dime

Here are 10 Ways You can Show Dad You CARE, Without Spending a Dime

1.  Bake Him Something

Bake your dad his favorite treat!  Does he have a favorite cookie, or does he love fresh homemade bread?  Make it for him!  Be sure to package it in a gift bag with a nice ribbon for the perfect finishing touch.

2.  Watch the Game Together

If your dad loves to watch sports, invite him over to watch a game together.  Use this as a time to enjoy each others company and bond over something he enjoys.  Ask him questions about the game and take genuine interest in his interests.

My grandpa LOVES to watch “the game”, it honestly doesn’t matter what “the game” is, he just wants to watch it.  I lived with him very briefly a few years ago and I treasure the evenings when I sat down next to him, watched a game together, and listened to him explain all of his insights and opinions on what we were watching.

The simple moments spent with a loved one is often the times that bring the best memories, don’t you think???

3.  Give Him Service

Do something kind for your dad!  Does his garage need cleaned out or the lawn mowed?  Don’t even ask him first if he needs help!  Simply find a need, show up at his house, and get to work.  He will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and your willingness to help him without being asked.

4.  Send Him a Thoughtful Card

Pick out a nice card for your dad (from The Dollar Tree, of course), and write a thoughtful note inside.  Let him know just how much you appreciate everything he has done for you.  Stick it in the mail, or hand deliver it with a hug!

5.  Movie Night

Does your dad have a favorite movie?  Invite him over to watch the movie together.  Make sure to provide some popcorn and other treats (I love good and plenty…I know, I’m weird).

I always know I can get in some good quality time with my Father-In-Law if I offer to watch a John Wayne movie together!  I don’t necessarily enjoy John Wayne, but I know he does, and that’s what matters most!

4.  Get Outside

Suggest a day in the mountains to go on a hike or fishing trip together.  He’ll love that you’re the one doing the inviting!  Enjoy the quiet time together as a way to get to know him a little better.  Ask questions about his interests and childhood.  You just might learn something new!

7.  Game Night

Host an old fashioned game night at your house.  Invite your dad and a few of his friends and family members over.   Ask dad to teach you one of his favorite games, or you can teach him one of yours!  Need a few game suggestions?Here’s my list of our favorite frugal games.  Games are the perfect way to break the ice, get everyone laughing, and have some fun.

8.  Best of Memory List

Make a fun list of all of your favorite memories together.  Include a few heartfelt memories, and some funny ones.   You could make the list a little extra special by including a few photos!

I have made my parents a few of these memory books from Mixbook.  They aren’t free, but you can make one for less than $20.  Memory Books really do make a great keepsake!

9.  Cook Him Dinner

Cook dad his favorite dinner, complete with all of his favorite sides and dessert.   Decorate the table in his favorite colors or interests for an even extra special touch.

My dad loves antiques, so if I were to decorate a table for him, I would be sure to include a few antiques as centerpieces.  Think for a few minutes about what your dad loves, and try to add it to the table in some way.

10.  Play a Sport Together

Spend an evening outside playing a sport together.  Shoot some hoops, play catch, put some golf balls.  Whatever sport your dad enjoys-Do IT!  If you’re not a sports fan, play it with him anyways.  This makes it even more special that you were willing to put your interests aside for your sweet dad.


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