5 Places Online To Sell Your Clutter and Earn Cash

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I try to sell a few things online every month.  I don’t make a lot of money doing this, but I do make a little bit, and I am a firm believer that every little penny matters.

I’m convinced EVERYONE can find at least a few items to sell.  Clean out your closets, look under the bed, search through your garage.  Try to find something that hasn’t been used in years (or even months?).  There is no use in hoarding something if it’s not getting much use.  If you need more ideas check out my article, 10 Household Items You Could Sell Right Now To Make Money.

I love clearing out the clutter AND getting to make a little extra cash on the side…..being able to do it ALL online makes it EVEN better (hello, not leaving your house and getting to stay in PJs, sign me up!).


Here are a few of my favorite places to sell online:

Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is my very VERY favorite place to sell.  If I price my items right, they will sell immediately!  I always know I priced it wrong if I’m not receiving messages within the first hour or two.  Large items seem to sell the quickest; such as furniture, baby items, lawn care, etc.

Sell on ThredUP

Thredup is where I sell a lot of my clothes and my kids clothes.  All you do is request a free bag to be sent to you, fill it full of clothes, and send it back, easy peasy!

Thredup will do all the sorting, picture taking, selling and shipping your items for you.  If you are looking for somewhere to sell with that will require as little effort as possible, this is a good option for you!

They are a little picky about what they accept (which is really nice as a buyer).  But, if you have clothes in like new condition, send them to thredup!

Sell on Ebay

Ebay is another selling favorite!  I’ve sold clothes, decorations, accessories, books, electronics and more ebay.

Sometimes it takes a little adjusting with the price to find the right fit, but the more you sell the easier it is to find that perfect price point.

Sell on Amazon

I have never personally tried selling anything on Amazon , but I do know others who have.  You will need to set up a free business account to start selling, but it is fairly straightforward from there.

Remember NOT to give up on an item doesn’t sell immediately.  Usually that means you will need to make some changes; such as adjust the price, take different pictures or try a new selling website.

Always try a few different adjustments before giving up.  Different websites tap into different markets.  Be patient with selling.  It is a learning process that becomes easier over time.

Where have you had success selling household items?  Share in the comments your favorite place to sell!


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