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8 Ways to Save Money on Utilities This Winter

It’s time to prepare for the cold winter months (I’m seriously not excited about this!).  This is a time when sadly many households see a rise in utility costs.  Fortunately, There are ways to save money on utilities during these harsh winter months.

I live in a cold cold place and it is common for the temperature to dip below zero and the highs during winter are rarely over 30.  It’s cold and it’s cold for a long time!  I am determined to not allow these freezing temperatures to put a strain on our finances.

1.  Wear Layers

Stay comfortable in a cooler home by bundling up and wearing layers.  Get use to long sleeves and warm sweaters.  Keep a few warm blankets around to snuggle under (this is the fun part!).

2.  Lower Your Thermostat

You can find big savings in your utility bills simply by changing your thermostat setting.  Set your thermostat 7 degrees lower than you normally have it and you will see up to 10% extra savings a year! 

Remember when you are sleeping or out of the house to turn the thermostat down even lower, 55 degrees is a good number for this.

3.    Use your Blinds/Curtains

When the sun is shining open your blinds and curtains to allow the house to heat naturally from the sun.  Be sure to close them up once the sun goes down; this gives your home extra insulation from the cooler weather.

4.  Change Filters Regularly

Keep your furnace working efficiently by changing the filter regularly.  We try to change our filter every 3-4 months.

5.  Caulk Window and Door Cracks

Check around doors and windows for small air leaks.  This is easily done by moving your hand around the edges of the window and door to feel for cold air seeping through.  This is best done when your house is warm and the outdoors are extra cold.  Caulk around the leaking areas to keep the cold air from getting into your home.

6.  Keep Vents Uncovered

Make sure you do not have any furniture or rugs covering your air vents.  This will keep the warm air circulating throughout your home.

7.  Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

Most people assume ceiling fans shouldn’t be used during the winter months, but they can be helpful in keeping the home warmer. 

Set your ceiling fan to spin in reverse by turning it to the clockwise setting.  Set the fan on low and it will push the warm air from the ceiling downward keeping you feeling much warmer.

8.  Avoid Heating Unused Rooms

Close the vents in rooms that aren’t used often.  A guest room, laundry room, and basement storage rooms are all example of places that don’t need to be heated.

How do you save money on utilities in the winter months???  Share in the comments so we can help each other save more money.

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