Overcoming the Fear of Starting a Blog

Truthfully, I use to be terrified of starting a blog.  Here’s my story of how I came from terrified to confident within a matter of minutes.

I have been a stay at home mom for the past 14 years.  This is my dream job and I wouldn’t trade this time with my kids for anything.

But, the past few years I’ve been getting this itch.  An itch telling me that maybe it’s time to start spreading my wings a little.

I thought about many different options; I knew I wanted to continue being home with my kids, but I also wanted to start contributing to the finances and pursuing a few of my passions.

First, I started teaching piano out of my home.  I loved it, but ultimately decided it wasn’t the best fit for my family at that time.  Then, I started brainstorming other side hustles ideas.  The thought of blogging kept coming to my mind over and over again.

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea starting a blog because of my love for writing.  Writing is my therapy, it is the way I express myself.  It is something I have always enjoyed and put my heart into.

But, I kept telling myself that blogging wasn’t right for me.


Well, because I thought it was “weird.”  It wasn’t a “normal” job and so I didn’t even consider it.

But, the truth is I was actually just scared.  Scared of what others think of me and scared of failing.

See, I’m not the “typical” blogger (or at least what I thought was typical at the time).  I don’t take beautiful pictures.  I’m not in the least bit trendy or crafty.

I am just me. Simple, plain, fairly boring me.  I truly didn’t think I had anything to offer this great space we call the internet.

For years I allowed this negative self talk into my life.  Every time the idea of starting a blog crept back in, I reminded myself why that wasn’t an option and quickly moved on.


One day as I kept trying to come up with ideas of how I can earn a living from home, the blogger idea crept into my head (again!).  And then it hit me.  Maybe, just maybe my simple, plain, fairly boring yet so SWEET and very FRUGAL life might be helpful to somebody somewhere.  Maybe, I do have something to offer this space.

Within 10 minutes I had a blog name and Instagram account set up.  I still felt a little hesitant, so I decided to set up an Instagram account first, start sharing my life and just see what happens.

And guess what happened?  People seemed interested, and I found something I truly enjoyedBeing able to help others find control of their finances and save money brought so much joy into my life.

I set up my blog a couple of months later and continue to plug away at it every day.

For years I thought I could “never” be a blogger and then within a matter of minutes I was planning a blog.

So what made the difference?

I can narrow the change down to 2 things.

1.My Mindset

My mindset was the number one thing holding me back.  When I told myself that I couldn’t be a blogger, I believed it and in return became it.

I truly believe that we are who we think we are.

Once I started telling myself that I was capable, I became capable (funny how that works huh?)!

If you keep talking yourself out of starting a blog (or anything!), change that mindset.  Focus on positive self talk and don’t allow any of the negativity into your brain.  You will in return find much more confidence and happiness.  Promise.

2.  Taking Action

I could have spent weeks and months thinking about different blog titles, researching the smartest techniques, and planning blog articles (which, as a planner sounds typical for me).

However, I instead chose to begin immediately.  The idea came to my heart and head and I took action as soon as possible.

Sure, it wasn’t easy!  There were many things (more like everything tbh) I didn’t know and I ran into many road blocks along the way.

But, I’m trying and that is what matters.  If I never would have taken that first step forward, than I never would have been able to experience this fun world of blogging.

Don’t let fear hold you back.  Take the steps forward to achieve your goals and plans, you will probably stumble and fall along the way….but that is just how we learn!

Last year I bought the Genius Bloggers Toolkit.  For months I refused to spend money on any blogging courses.  I felt confident I could figure it out myself.  But when I finally knew that it was time to take action, I decided to take the plunge and invest in my blog.

TGBTK 2019

This toolkit is full of everything you need to Start a Blog, Make Money From a Blog, Grow Social Media and more.  It is truly what helped me make my blog what it is today.  For 6 days only you can purchase the Genius Bloggers Toolkit full of 94 products to help you grow your blog to a side hustle of your own.

I am so glad that I finally took action!  This has been my best journey yet!



  • Kristin

    Taking inspiration from you, I’d like to start with an Instagram site and Facebook. I already manage a few pages on Facebook. When settings up an Instagram, did you do it from your personal account or did you create a completely different account?

    • Sweet Frugal Life

      I started a separate business account. I am a little private about what I share on my business page, so I like having the separate personal and business so I can share more freely on my personal page.

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