5 Ways to Earn CASHBACK on Purchases

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Who likes free money???  You better be raising your hand right now!  I LOVE free money!

And guess what!  You can earn FREE MONEY just by shopping how you normally would!  WHAT?!?!

1.  Discover Card

My FAVORITE way to earn cashback is by shopping with my Discover Card.  When I shop with my Discover Card I automatically earn anywhere from 1-5% cashback on all purchases.

You don’t have to do anything, just use your card and your cashback will grow.  I earn around $500 cashback with Discover a YEAR, and all I do is shop like normal!

2. Ibotta

I love shopping with ibotta.  This is the very first app I check after completing my grocery shopping.

All you have to do is shop, check the app for rebates, scan your receipt, and the money is instantly put in your ibotta account.  Easy.  Peasy.

Ibotta has a wide selection of rebates, including milk, apples, pantry staples, broccoli, beauty and household.  I can almost always find at LEAST one or two items to receive a rebate for.

If you don’t currently have an ibotta account you can get up to $20 when signing up for through my link.  (FREE money people!)  Once you have $20 in your account you can redeem your money as cash or a gift card.  I have earned over $200 by using ibotta!

3.  Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is very similar to ibotta.  It works as a rebate program where you shop, scan your receipt and qualified purchases and you will get the rebated money instantly in your account.

Once you reach $20 in your account you can request your money, same as ibotta.  It only takes a few minutes to check for rebates and one minute to scan your receipt.  I have made over $50 cashback using Checkout 51!

4.  Ebates

It is so easy to earn cashback with Ebates.  If you do any shoping online, you need to be using Ebates app.

Everytime you shop online with participating realtors through the ebates link you will earn cashback!  They have a large variety of stores available to earn money with.  Everything from Kohls, Ebay, Zulily, Justice, Aerie, Lowes, Gap, Ulta, and so so many more.

I ALWAYS check Ebates before making any online purchase.  All you do is open the app (or website) click on the store link, you will automatically be taken to the store website, shop normally, and instantly earn money back.  SO SO easy!

Sign up through my link and you can earn an EXTRA $10 after you spend your first $25.  (hooray!)

5.  Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards doesn’t technically earn you cashback, but it does give you points that you are able to redeem for gift cards.  The gift card options are endless!  A few of my fave examples are Target, Amazon, Sephora, Best Buy, and a bunch of fun restaurants.

I love Fetch Rewards because you can start redeeming your gift cards at only $3, and it is so easy to earn that first $3.  It is also very user friendly and easy to use.  Sign up using my referral code:  WC1TU and you will receive an automatic 2,000 points (equivalent of $2).


If you are going to be shopping ANYWAYS, you might as well be earning a little cashback along the way, right???  RIGHT!

A quick word of caution however.  It can become easy to want to buy a product JUST because you see you can get a rebate for it through ibotta or Checkout 51.  Be careful to NOT to fall into this temptation.

I have found the best way for me is to do my shopping FIRST and then check the rebate apps to see if I bought anything eligible for a rebate.  (Except for with Ebates, you must check Ebates FIRST!)


What cashback secret did I miss???  How do you like to earn cashback?  Share your successes in the comments!  I would love to hear all about them.



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